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wht.rbbt.obj Return With Garage Rock Delight ‘Dirty Love’

wht.rbbt.obj Dirty Love single review on Right Chord Music

There is something about ‘Dirty Love’ the new single from wht.rbbt.obj which recalls The Sonics’ frantic, raw energy and we are hooked.

wht.rbbt.obj – Dirty Love

Former RCM First Signs of Love featured artists wht.rbbt.obj (pronounced “White Rabbit Object”) are back with their latest single ‘Dirty Love’ and fans of garage rock bands like The Sonics or The White Stripes are in for a treat. The single is already making waves on US radio with early spins on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM.

‘Dirty Love’ serves as the first glimpse of wht.rbbt.obj’s forthcoming five-song EP titled

“Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango,” set to drop in June. The track channels the raw,

unbridled energy of classic 1960s garage rock, evoking the rebellious spirit of iconic

bands like The Sonics and The Troggs while doffing its cap to the gritty, minimalist aesthetics of The White Stripes.

While The White Stripes had Meg pounding away on the drums, wht.rbbt.obj have vocalist River Toussaint Rabbitte who simultaneously managed to unite genres and musical history with a voice that seduces and astounds in equal measure. Imagine Amy Winehouse fronting The Black Keys.

Catch wht.rbbt.obj live

  • June 14th – Cubby Bear Chicago
  • June 27th Summerfest, Milwaukee (Uline Warehouse Stage)
  • July 12th Schubas, Chicago

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Words Mark Knight