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River Hounds Share Rock Anthem ‘Down On My Knees’

River Hounds Down On My Knees on the Right Chord Music Blog

Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying sounds of River Hounds as they drop their latest rock track, ‘Down On My Knees.’

The London-based quartet, consisting of Rich Grisman (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Dimi Balev (Lead Guitar), Tony Crumpton (bass), and Manol Marekov (Drums), is set to captivate audiences with their unique blend of traditional rock infused with a contemporary twist.

This rising British band has been making waves on the festival circuit, gracing the stages of events such as The Hanwell Hootie Music Festival, Lechlade Festival, and Weyfest Music Festival. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, River Hounds has carved out a distinct sound that appeals to both seasoned rock enthusiasts and new-age music lovers.

As a sneak peek into their upcoming album, River Hounds has unveiled the lead single, Down On My Knees. This track not only showcases the band’s exceptional talent but also provides a glimpse into the sonic journey that their collective work promises to deliver.

With its hypnotic basslines and dynamic drum beats, Down On My Knees is a whirlwind of unbridled rock ecstasy. Transitioning seamlessly from an enticing rhythm section to a euphoric burst of riffs, this song begs to be performed on a grand stage, with its enchanting instrumentation and impassioned vocal delivery.

Clocking in at three and a half minutes, Down On My Knees is a masterclass in rock finesse—loud, bold, and unapologetically in your face.

River Hounds is geared up to hit the road and showcase their live prowess in the coming month. Don’t miss the chance to experience their magnetic stage presence at the following locations:

  • February 1st: Cardiff, Fuel
  • February 2nd: London, Amersham Arms
  • February 4th: Coventry, The Tin

Join the River Hounds on this sonic journey and immerse yourself in the raw energy of their rock’n’roll prowess.

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