Zach James Douglas Explores Intimacy & Human Connection On ‘4×2’

Consisting of four unforgettable tracks, 4×2 is the long-awaited EP of Ireland-based Zach James Douglas.

Zach James Douglas – 4×2

This musical work was influenced by the pandemic and its ramifications on a global level, touching themes of intimacy, human connections, and longing for interaction during a time when isolation was unavoidable.

Early this year, we had the opportunity to listen to a small glimpse of what this record had to offer, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The songs I’d Breathe For You and You’re Still Everything had an overwhelming response from fans and countless positive reviews from music blogs, including Right Chord Music.

Now it’s time to see if the rest of this EP lives up to the expectations, so get your earbuds and prepare yourself to dive deep into 4×2.

I’d Breathe For You, the first single of this work, it’s also the tune in charge of welcoming us to this compilation. Fueled by compassionate and well-rounded lyrics, this piece is a solid reminder of Zach’s mastering in the studio, showcasing a rich and varied aural palette, with his fellow Irish singer Honas embellishing this piece with his soothing voice.

Depths of It takes a calm approach, with its chill production comprised of delayed beats and delicate synths that feel like becoming a cloud soaring through the skies, slowly drifting away. Halfway through the song, the pacing increases and dissolves into an incredibly satisfying sonic vacuum.

Accompanied by Lupupa, Zach denotes his altruism once more in You’re Still Everything, making a small tribute to those who always put others before themselves. This composition’s melting pot of influences is almost palpable, adding a little bit of Shoegaze, electronic music, and lo-fi.

Last but not least, Vacant Days & Panic Attacks denotes Zach’s expertise as a musician, with saccharine female vocals mixed with an ethereal sonorous wall, ending this musical adventure in the most cathartic way possible.

4×2 is a beautifully produced and written EP, full of memorable moments and much-needed positivity.

Zach James Douglas had a very busy 2022, and it’s easy to see why after hearing material of this calibre, 4×2 expands what we heard previously in his first EP 6×3 (2021), crafting a solid and compelling work where his musical knowledge blooms gracefully.

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Words Javier Rodriguez