Cindy Sterling Launches With The Reflective ‘Kids Back Then’

Cindy Sterling’s debut single ‘Kids Back Then’ is a cathartic meditation on young love. 

Cindy Sterling – Kids Back Then

‘Kids Back Then’ is actress and singer Cindy Sterling’s debut release and first single from her forthcoming debut album ‘Roxbury Romance’. It is a mediative Indie pop track that delves into the memories of a past “situationship”, reflecting upon it and causing varying emotions to rise to the surface. Tinged with sadness and longing the song traverses down the paths of young love exploring how we carry our emotions onwards through into our adult lives.

With the relationship being the catalyst for the artist to pursue a love of music and document the time in her debut album, there is a great deal of emotional weight levied on the track. Bass guitar creates an almost grungy sound that anchors the track in the present with distorted synth, generating a sense of unease for the singer as she reflects, “I can’t seem to go to sleep at night”. The mood of the track changes when Sterling relives the time when they were ‘Kids back then’. Her vocal soars euphorically as if freed, complimented by coruscating guitar that brings the summer of her youth into full close up when “We used to swim..Crystal blue, craving all for you”. But of course the relationship did come to an end and there were reasons why it didn’t work and it is these feelings of guilt and regret that filter the reminiscence with a sense of loss.

“The song lyrics are hinting at the remembrance of something special from a far away past that something inside you still recognizes as special although it seems so far away from your current life now”.

On her debut single Cindy Sterling has written a bittersweet track that has the feel of early Lana Del Ray in its use of nostalgia to relive days of unforgettable young love.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge