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Zach James Douglas Shows Empathy On ‘I’d Breathe For You’

Zach James Douglas - I'd Breathe For You

The lockdown days were uncertain times, feelings of isolation, anguish, and impotence prevailed, leaving a trail of hopelessness behind. However, for artists like Zach James Douglas, this also meant a new beginning, a transitional epoch that worked as an inspiration to keep moving forward and spread some light at the end of this tunnel. These are some of the emotions exhibited in his new single I’d Breathe For You.

Zach James Douglas – I’d Breathe For You

Hailing from the beautiful Emerald Isle, electronic producer Zach James Douglas has returned to the indie scene with I’d Breathe For You. This composition is not only his first release of 2022 but also the follow-up to his 2021 debut 6×3, an EP that earned formidable reviews from different specialized music media since last year.

I’d Breathe For You is a cascade of emotions with somber undertones, beautifully contrasted by its sublime and attractive production.

In this new jam, Zach comes off as a one-man band, with his expertise in electronic production showcased through the layers of beats and arrangements exploding into a delightful sonic conglomerate. It’s also worth pointing out the splendid guitar work, demonstrating that Zach is more than just a one-trick pony.

Honas, a praised newcomer and Zach’s compatriot, was the one in charge of the spectacular soft vocals in this tune, turning this into a match made in heaven.

I’d Breathe For You is the lead single of 4×2, Zach’s upcoming EP that promises to be one of the most Intricate works in the still early career of this multifaceted artist. In a world still dealing with plenty of mental and emotional distress following the pandemic, this is a more than welcomed delivery that people will certainly relate to on many different levels.

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Words Javier Rodriguez