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Velvet Starlings Unveil Explosive New Single ‘Bullfight’

Velvet Starlings Bullfight on Right Chord Music Blog

After conquering the UK with two successful tours, Los Angeles-based Velvet Starlings are back with an explosive new single named Bullfight, which marks the first step of what promises to be a busy year for this young up-and-coming band.

Velvet Starlings – Bullfight

Velvet Starlings is the byproduct of multifaceted musician Christian Gisborne, who was already familiar with the structures and chord progressions of most foundational pop archetypes at a young age. Fast-forward to some years later, he developed a knack for live music and studio-rat producers, elements exhibited on this band’s debut album Technicolor Shakedown.

And while this musician could be considered a walking dynamo due to his hard-working ethic and creativity in the studio, the truth is this group’s fantastic sound wouldn’t be possible without the combined effort of his bandmates, which are Amaya Montgomery (flute/vocals), Aaron Hoang (keyboard), DeRon Munroe (drums), Henry Dearborn (bass), and of course Christian Gisborne on guitar and vocals, all together share one goal in common, to provoke a meaningful reaction on listeners.

From the characteristic intensity always displayed by this act to the worth-praising details sprinkled all over this track, Bullfight is one of the most imaginative melodies created by this young band, blending garage rock and psychedelic splendidly.

On top of that, this tune benefits enormously from Christian’s rough vocal delivery, which fits like a glove with the adrenaline addiction theme within this composition. Furthermore, his unpredictability as a performer only makes the inclusion of flute and theremin a welcomed addition to an already thrilling song.

Worth noticing is the savage riffage and the outstanding chord progression, elements that indeed feel like the background music for a bullfight taking place.

“Bullfight is an Intense and well-thought-out garage rock banger.”

Bullfight is the first single of Velvet Starlings’ forthcoming album Pacific Standard Time, a work set for release on August 9th. With a highly anticipated record on the horizon, plenty of shows, including another UK tour this year, and support from BBC and XS Manchester, 2023 couldn’t look better for this outfit.

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Words Javier Rodriguez