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Loreto Has A ‘Notion’

Loreto - Notion (Jazz) single review on Right Chord Music

Loreto’s smooth late-night introspective jazz.

Loreto – Notion

‘What do I do when my psychology chokes me?’ opens ‘Notion’, the single from Loreto. What indeed? It’s an unsettling image, at odds with the silky tones of the song, but that’s the balancing act here – strange, internal-monologue lyrics, combined with smooth, smooth jazz. If that sounds like a good notion to you – see what I did there – then step right up. 

Loreto is a singer-songwriter based in Glasgow, with both Chilean and Basque heritage. Her reflective lyrics may possibly also be influenced by her degree in Psychology! This track comes from her 2023 EP ‘Hidden Steps’.

‘Notion’ is a highly listenable jazz tune, with introspective lyrics and plenty of ambience.

‘Every time I look for answers, it seems they’re here around us’ sing Loreto’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics. They definitely verge on the vague, with lines like ‘all we ever do is go back to the place we found our hidden truths’, but as the whole thing has a slightly improvised feel, it doesn’t seem to matter too much. Loreto’s vocals are lovely, with a soulful tone that easily wraps around her free-flowing melodies. 

The production will please any jazz and soul fans, with its sultry guitar lines, moody piano and late-night brush drums – you can definitely imagine walking into some little club and hearing this. There are plenty of crunchy chords and harmonies for the musically adventurous to appreciate, but it has a nice balance of the retro and modern. Non-habitual jazz listeners should also find this smooth to listen to, if they feel like branching out. 

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