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TELUS - Apart on the Music Review Mixtape, Right Chord Music Blog

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, RCM staff writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 6 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Elizmi Haze ‘That Guy’

Elizmi is more than just another talented singer, she is also a dedicated mental health advocate fueled by a strong desire to help and inspire young women all over the globe.

Her formative years in Spain have played a crucial role in her love for music, allowing her to draw influence from this country’s beautiful culture. Her latest release, That Guy, carries a new and exciting sound while keeping her empowering lyricism completely intact.

In the catchiest way possible, Elizmi Haze has perfectly captured the essence of someone suffering due to a lack of loyalty and respect from a significant other and the realization of this person’s true colours, followed by the feeling of liberation that brings.

Presenting some fascinating production choices, this track begins with dazzling vocal effects and sublime piano parts, followed by Elizmi’s powerful voice, which drips with emotional anguish that is almost palpable, all meticulously balanced and complementing each other spectacularly.

With several awards and nominations on her curriculum, this bopper strongly indicates there will be more accolades for Elizmi.

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TELUS – ‘Apart’

Channelling the melancholy and reflective nature of post-punk, Danish band Telus pays homage to this subgenre while giving it a fresh, modern twist, aiming to immerse the listener through intense performances of pure, unfiltered emotion, finding the midpoint between beauty and ugliness.

With heartbreaking lyrics depicting the inevitable downfall of a relationship from the perspective of the two parties involved with opposite intentions, their latest single, Apart, evokes feelings of aching and despair.

Soaked in reverberating energy, the first chords draw you in with their innate and engaging poignancy, escalating towards a frenetic chorus where the soaring vocals, high-energy drums, and pulsating bass prevail, successfully transmitting the enticing coldness that makes post-punk so engaging.

Apart marks the first step towards the impending release of Telus’s debut EP, Love Songs For Strangers, and if that record is half as good as this melody, then we are up for a treat.

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White House Down – ‘On The Edge Of Dreaming’

Hailing from a small village hall in Faulkland, Somerset, White House Down has a history that started over ten years ago, with these five musicians having a lot of experience playing in other bands and many different projects in the past, something that explains their efficiency and solid reputation as a highly entertaining band.

Their third official release, On The Edge Of Dreaming, is another piece of introspective songwriting by the hand of the skilled lead singer Tom Hunt, successfully capturing the emotions of a specific period in time.

Like a gentle breeze on a warm summer night, OTEOD brings a comforting atmosphere with a soothing instrumentation that takes you by the hand through a gratifying sonic barrage, with melancholy-charged guitar riffs and Tom’s tender vocals leading the way.

The sheer lyrical intimacy and the satisfying performance make White House Down a rising act worth considering to keep on rotation on your favourite streaming service.

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Ninebanks – ‘Hello Sunshine’

Considered a formidable amalgamation of British and American styles, Ninebanks is a group from Sunderland, UK, characterized by their singular approach to pop punk, delivering euphoric performances and heartfelt lyrics, resulting in music as timeless as it is charming.

Coming as a wild display of pop punk, their song Hello Sunshine embodies everything that makes this subgenre a synonym of fun for many people worldwide, wonderfully showcasing a killer riffage, energetic drums, and chill vibes, making this tune a perfect fitting for the soundtrack of a Tony Hawk pro skater video game.

Aside from this riveting track, Ninebanks have plenty of surprises prepared, starting with the release of their new song ‘Interrupted’ on June 23rd, and also a live performance on The Bunker at Sunderland on September, so don’t miss the opportunity to have a great time by watching these talented lads perform, we assure you, you won’t regret it!

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Wuzy Bambussy – ‘Uncharted’

Wuzy Bambussy is the moniker of Nikolai Jones, a producer, and multi-instrumentalist from the West Country in England with a hard-to-define sound thanks to its eclectic nature.

While Nikolai has collaborated with many great artists in his career, since March 2023, he found his perfect match in Bristol’s songstress Kat Harrison, combining Nikolai’s production mastery with Kat’s undeniable singing prowess.

After two well-received singles, their newest musical venture Uncharted is proof of the great chemistry between these two artists.

Driven by Kat’s alluring voice, this piece is a delightfully dark serenade with mesmerizing elements, including its graceful piano segments and sombre organs, crafting something only possible to describe as “wickedly fun and catchy”.

And if three singles are not enough for you, then we have great news due to this duo promising to deliver a new song every month for the rest of the year, so you better get ready because the best is still yet to come from Wuzy Bambussy.

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Gonçalo Santana – ‘Too Soon’

Originally from Portugal but currently residing in Switzerland, Gonçalo Santana is a singer, songwriter, and producer who discovered music was his passion from a young age. The credit for this early exposure goes to his father, who introduced him to many artists, such as Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince, to name a few.

After an EP and some releases, including his 2022 melody ‘Verity’ (which has over 20’000 streams on Spotify), Gonçalo is back once more, and this time is with a seductive dance floor anthem called Too Soon.

Adorned by some of the most contagious Latin rhythms and arrangements you could hear, Too Soon is a colourful display of pop brilliance, taking advantage of Gonçalo’s thin and playful voice for an irresistible track that evidences this singer’s appeal as a performer.

With each delivery, this artist continues to go from strength to strength, demonstrating the big numbers on Verity were no coincidence.

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Words Javier Rodriguez