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Try some of Cyrano’s late night ‘White Wine’

Cyrano White Wine

There are songs for the party, and there are songs for after the party. For when you mull over the decisions of that night and perhaps regret a few. For when you wander down that street at 5 am in search of a ride home, the sun starting to rise, the magic of the evening beginning to fade away. It’s not always a fun feeling, but it’s one we all recognise. It’s this that Cyrano captures on his debut single ‘White Wine’

London based multi-instrumentalist Cyrano teams up with producer Oli Barton-Wood and saxophonist Jazzi Bobbi for what proves to be an engaging collaboration.

‘White Wine’ is a dreamy mix of regrets and self-reflection, with Cyrano crooning “I didn’t think I could help ya…I never wanted anybody’s heart but mine.”

Bobbi’s saxophone, showcased in its very own solo, give a late-night 80s flavour to a modern track.

Alternating catchy, pacey melodies with thoughtful space, the track has a uniquely offbeat rhythm. Cyrano creates a particularly hooky falling chord pattern, echoing through the mournful keys and brass. His Rhodes gives it a retro sparkle set off by the snappy drumbeat – credit to Barton-Wood for some stylish production. Premiered with BBC Introducing, it’s a distinctive start for Cyrano and sure to attract fans of twilight hour ambient beats. He’s even collaborated with Garcon Wines to create a limited-edition wine, (in a sustainable bottle, no less) – this is a determined artist considering the whole picture… So if you’re feeling something new and mellow, try a little ‘White Wine’.

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Words Eden Tredwell