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Rebel rap electronica with Minas’ ‘Burner’

Minas Burner

“Two steps back put your sh*t down” is the instantly striking main hook of Minas’ new single ‘Burner’. It’s the perfect summation of the artist’s mixed feelings of anger, fear and apathy towards the state of the world.

Minas – Burner

A protest anthem for those who already feel half-beaten. Minas delivers his vocals with attitude in a distorted growl, like some far-off rebel broadcast coming through your radio.

‘Burner’ is a wry, indignant comment on modern society with a striking mix of rap and electronic styles.

The eclecticism comes as no surprise from Greek/Welsh artist Minas, a.k.a James Minas, who produces for rap and folk artists alike when not working on his own project. With an EP already released, ‘Burner’ comes as a tone-setting single ahead of his upcoming debut album, ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’. It’s not for the faint-hearted, or listeners with no inclination for dissent. When Minas raps, “It’s breaking news, round up, we’re out of time”, you get the impression he’s not only referring to the breaking news of the day but also the news that slowly breaks our spirits.

With a menacing, humming bass, sharp beats, and white-noise synths, only the occasional sparkling melody line offers relief. The lyrics are bleary, stream-of-consciousness, with a few digs at the world – “How could you call that man there a president?” But with his confident flow, you’re left with no doubt of Minas’ passionate emotions. Any rap/electronica fans looking for fresh blood with some political resentment thrown in will find something to love here.

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Words Eden Tredwell