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Torre di Fine Reveals The Mesmerizing Album ‘Girl On The Shore’

Torre di Fine - Girl On The Shore Right Chord Music Blog Review

Starting in 2020 after a late work shift, Italian band Torre di Fine has successfully created a peculiar style, mixing Post-Rock, Noise, and Shoegaze while touching themes of isolation, uneasiness, and alexithymia.

Torre di Fine – ‘Girl On The Shore’

Girl On The Shore, their most recent album, is a musical trip that will captivate many listeners this year.

Invading your senses with a thick wall of disorienting sound, the first track Vanta creates a surreal experience with its three-minute-plus intro, finally presenting the first chords close to the four-minute mark, and despite the lack of lyrics, this group still manages to convey many emotions through the eight minutes that this Post Rock tune has to offer.

PerfectBlue is a timely follow-up to the last majestic piece, way shorter in comparison, its calm vocals mixed with the Noise bits keep this sublime trip going strong.

Tracks like Attraction and Mascara focus more on the Noise and Industrial aspects of the band, taking their time to build a saturated space of precisely developed sound that is incredibly fascinating due to the many layers and intricate work put into them.

For the song Kenopsia, the band collaborated with the singer FREITAS, whose endearing delivery perfectly fits the slow and meticulous guitar, evoking feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Ammonia is one of the high points on this record due to its heavenly production, feeling like a journey through an ethereal realm of otherworldly sound.

Coercion demonstrates the engaging duality within this album, combining the organic nature of the smooth piano parts splendidly with the always-present hazy Noise arrangements.

N02A is another remarkable composition, conformed by soaring vocals and the effective melodic guitar, turning this into one of the quintessential moments of the LP.

Thirst keeps the instrumentation to its minimum, primarily focusing on the brilliant lyrical work, with special guest Liliia Kysil adding a distinct flavour to the band’s signature style.

The final piece of this musical puzzle, Sorrow, is as expected, a monumental composition lasting more than eleven minutes. This track is like a blank sheet where this outfit displays what they are capable of at full power, taking their time to first build a melancholic atmosphere with their already singular Post Rock sound during the first half, just to bring back the chaotic Noise halfway through with smashing drums that pierce straight to your skull, culminating in a cathartic peace after the storm and a beautiful monologue to conclude this dazzling work of art.

“Girl On The Shore is an enigmatic yet thought-provoking album, epic in every aspect.”

GOTS is one of those albums that, after hearing it for the first time, it sticks with you, leaving more questions than answers (in the best way possible, of course), its distinctive beauty lies between the ambitious, enigmatic soundscape and its well-versed themes.

Although, in the end, words are not enough to make this album justice, so do yourself a favour and press that play button as soon as you can.

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Words Javier Rodriguez