Baby Pink Unleashes The ‘Crocodile’ 

Following a couple of well-liked singles, East London-based British/Australian songstress Baby Pink has finally unveiled her EP, Crocodile, a 4 track collection of songs that confirms her evolving artistry.

Baby Pink – Crocodile

R&B singer Baby Pink is an uprising figure in the UK’s Indie landscape, with an eclectic sound and songwriting skills rightfully described as “honest and unapologetic” making her lyrics highly relatable and endearing.

With a generous collection of singles under her belt already, her new EP Crocodile is a riveting addition to her incredible discography, being a work that narrates the fallout of a relationship and the empowerment that means leaving a sour situation.

With its seductive Afrobeat rhythms, Take Notice brings an explosive blend of styles, giving a good idea of what this EP is all about, containing a highly universal theme regarding romantic relations.

Dealing with a different side of relationships, Self-titled Crocodile takes another direction instrumentally speaking, with a softer and dreamy production. In collaboration with singer Kieran, this song works as if this was a conversation, conveying its message in a clever way and coming as the most thematically fragile cut on this work. 

Bringing back the upbeat vibes, Fool Me Once is another collaborative work, this time with the acclaimed R&B singer Ayeisha Raquel. On this melody, the voice of both artists mixes incredibly well in conjunction with the contagious beats.

Righteous ends this short yet enchanting EP brimming with sensuality while showcasing Baby Pink’s emotional vocal work.

Crocodile is an absolute aural beast, combining passion with vulnerability for a remarkable Pop experience.

Baby Pink’s first EP lives up to the expectations. Her vocals are on point, the production is fascinatingly catchy, and it’s easy to see that the lyrics come from the heart. To put it in simple terms, this is a record that shines like a beacon.

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Words Javier Rodriguez