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Thought Beings Throwback To The 80’s On Their Retro-Wave Revolution Wavespell

Thought Beings Wavespell

Synth sensations Thought Beings put us under their spell on their latest release Wavespell.

Thought Beings – Wavespell

From 2017’s Alchemy to 2020’s Neon Beach, Thought Beings have proven themselves true purveyors of neon-soaked, 80’s-inspired synth-pop. On the esoteric Wavespell, Thought Beings cast an alien eye on their previous projects and come through with a cohesive whole; filled to the brim with standout singles and captivating deep cuts.

Initially formed in 2013, the anonymous duo- under the aliases Orion and Lemon- have gone from strength to strength with each release. At times channelling the sunny sounds of their native California, their previous work Neon Beach reached a pinnacle of synth-pop pleasure I believed the band could not top. In short, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Still drawing on such wide resources as hermetic texts, modern technology, digital spaces and Neo-Expressionism, Wavespell looks as much to the future as it does to the 1980’s. While synthwave is a commonly used label amongst Wavespell’s peers, the intense vocal hooks and lavish electronic basslines present throughout buoy the project above the typical clicks and samples of the genre. Hence, its foray into what can be called Retrowave; with a definitive eye on a combination of modern techniques and more traditional rock and pop elements.

Consider two of the standout singles initially dropped in the runup to the album’s release. “Trailblazer” and “The World” initially appear to wear their influences on their sleeve; recalling Depeche Mode or Duran Duran when the songs reach their individual peaks. Soaring vocals, odd chord progressions and unstoppable synth lines help to create this atmosphere; precise production adding blips and interesting instrumental touches that assist in developing the signature sound of the duo. With “The World” being backed by a visually stunning (not to mention trippy) music video based around melting geometry, Thought Beings have produced a powerful multimedia experience intent on captivating its audience.

While I adore older projects such as 2013’s Discover E.P., pairing with Aztec Records has done wonders for the band. Yet, as I’m sure the band who boldly claim to “come from Proxima Centauri” could attest, there is something extra-terrestrial about this release that sets it apart from its compatriots. Track titles often reference space-related imagery- the run from “Celestial” to “Saturn’s Rings” in particular recalling a space-faring voyage. After the conceptual nature of their previous project- which explored holograms, simulations and their root in the mysterious Neon Beach- their latest looks past the program to gaze into space. Such interesting touches of identity work in the band’s favour- creating a unified sound and atmosphere that perfectly pairs future and past.

From rain-drenched evenings exploring lost highways to summer afternoons lounging in the shade, it is always the perfect atmosphere for delving into the soundscapes of Thought Beings. Unlike any other, Wavespell offers a project carried by addictive melodies and a particularly entrancing ambience. Get on Wavespell’s wavelength and make sure to check out Thought Being’s excellent new release, out now on Aztec Records.

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Words Angus Nisbet