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Nonē Sunshine Ask For Help On New Single ‘S.O.S’ 

Nonē Sunshine - S.O.S

Product of the Internet age, Nonē Sunshine are here to make big waves with their loudest and most energized song so far.

Nonē Sunshine – S.O.S

Thanks to the digital era, collaborations between artists located in different parts of the world have never been easier. Projects of this kind are more common every day, proving that distance is not a problem when it comes to delivering quality music, and today’s band Nonē Sunshine fits in this category pretty well.

The story of this group has its origins around 20 years ago when Derek Hyde and Scott Laird (skilled musicians from Denver, CO, and Tucson, AZ respectively) met thanks to an online classified ad. Despite not being able to consolidate any project at that time, this encounter led to an invaluable friendship that prevails to date.

And now, after all these years, this team is ready to take the world by storm with their first release of 2022, called S.O.S, a single that will be part of Nonē Sunshine’s first EP, set to be released this summer.

S.O.S is a concise yet intense track, heavily rooted in 90s alternative music with some punk sparkled in between. The addictive hook and the precise guitar set the tone for the hard-edged melody, with the lyrics giving an ironic take on life during the pandemic.

The excellent mixing on this tune was in charge of Chris Sheldon, an acclaimed producer who has worked in the past with legendary acts like Garbage, the Foo Fighters, Pixies, and Biffy Clyro, among many others.

“S.O.S is a fun, vibrant rock piece ready to make you headbang with fast-paced riffs and ear-busting fury.”

This song is currently available on all major streaming services, and it’s just the beginning of what seems a very promising project.

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Words Javier Rodriguez