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Thomas Charlie Pedersen Unveils Charming ‘ Employees Must Wash Hands’

Thomas Charlie Pedersen - Employees Must Wash Hands Right Chord Music

Thomas Charlie Pedersen returns with entrancing album ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’.

Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Employees Must Wash Hands’

Thomas Charlie Pederson – half of the Danish band Vinyl Floor – lures in listeners with sweet harmonies and silky guitar in his new album. ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’ becomes more intriguing and more charming with every new listen. 

Written during lockdown with the help of his brother Daniel Pedersen, Thomas’ third solo album is rich with introspectiveness. ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’ is equal parts cheeky and loveable as it is serious and captivating. Thomas captures the spirit of lockdown and demonstrates how creativity can bloom under difficult circumstances.

Representing much of folk’s renowned greatness with strings, piano and guitar, Thomas Charlie Pederson also showcases his own originality. Pederson’s vocals are raw, and he bares all (both lyrically and instrumentally). This solo album has a deeply contemporary feel to it. The album mixes classic chamber-folk instrumentation with modern lyricism to create an eclectic fusion of new and old. Thomas refuses to hold back, detailing the isolation and self-doubt he experienced throughout covid’s outburst. This sense of fear is what drives ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’. Relatability is at the core of this album.

Thomas blends emotion with wit, all contributing to the fantasy of the record. ‘Employees Must Wash Hands’ diverts from Thomas’ other album recorded in 2021 (‘Funhouse Mirror’), with Vinyl Floor. Thomas considers this project the quieter, more reflective album of the two. 

Reminiscence is a prevalent theme in most tracks. Thomas thrives in his storytelling. The captivating ‘Coarse Rasp of Yore’ combines the haunting of the past with the fear of the present. 

This new release shows Thomas Charlie Pedersen steering more towards creating a collaborative and ‘band-like’ sound, dissimilar to that of his previous solo albums ‘Second Hand War’ (2016) and ‘Daylight Saving Hours’ (2020). His collaborative efforts flourish, this new synergistic sound pays off and results in a more established sound than ever.

“Employees Must Wash Hands’ is as much a triumph as it is an ode to confusing times.”

“Some of these songs deal with Man’s relationship with God and God ́s relationship with Man. Who has abandoned who? Is there any faith or spirituality left?”

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Words Zuzu Lacey