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Lex Candy ‘You’ve Done The Right Thing, Let’s Move On And Celebrate Life’

Lex Candy You've Done the Right Thing, Let's Move on and Celebrate Life - Right Chord Music Blog

Lex Candy’s new EP is more than just a well-rounded work, it also represents a personal triumph over toxic relationships and addiction, making this 6-track a highly gratifying listening experience.

Lex Candy  – You’ve Done the Right Things, Let’s Move on and Celebrate Live

Coming from the DIY punk scene, Lex Candy decided to take a different route for his most recent delivery. Influenced by the likes of Blackbear, Shawn Mendes, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Twenty-One Pilots, his style pays homage to all these popular acts while aiming to sound as original as possible in the vast modern Pop landscape.

Opener ‘The Ballad of the Underdogs’ is a reflective work that brims with sensitivity, with playful synths and a gentle yet encouraging instrumentation that comes as inspiring, starting this record on a high note.

‘It’s Like Magic’ and ‘Ilyt’ keep the enthusiasm with an explosion of positive vibes wrapped in a colourful production that will leave you humming for the rest of your day.

‘Bad Luck’ is the most earnest and personal tune in this whole compilation, bringing the previously mentioned themes of addiction, still with cheerful arrangements that makes you feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The final two tracks are reimagined versions of The Ballad of the Underdogs, and It’s Like Magic, reduced to only Lex’s emotionally soaked vocals and a sweet piano rendition, which give these songs a ballad-esque sound.

“You’ve Done The Right Thing, Let’s Move On And Celebrate Life is a fun, intimate, and concise aural roller-coaster.”

What this work might lack in length is compensated by its uplifting instrumentation and striking songwriting. Lex Candy crafted an EP that speaks volumes of his innate talent, from the vulnerable themes to the over-the-top delivery, this is indeed a celebration that you definitely want to be part of.

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Words Javier Rodriguez