The Slacksons Find Their Groove In ‘Stormy Weather’

The Slacksons atypical sound incorporates Hip-hop, Funk, Jazz, Electronica, and Brit-pop, the result is one of the most mind-boggling amalgamations you could ever find, yet in its quirkiness lies beauty, their latest offering Stormy Weather is evidence of this.

The Slacksons – Stormy Weather

The origin of this Bristol-based band goes back to 2019 in a building site, the place where Michael Cleverley (vocalist) met the already experienced Andy Childs (DJ, percussionist, and vocals). Andy is a former member of the popular UK group Elevator Suite, a project that gained many ‘Records of the Week’ on Radio 1, and also toured with legendary acts such as Morcheeba and Cousteau.

After realizing the chemistry between them, prominent musicians Paul Jones (drummer) and Dan Moore (keyboardist) joined, forming the current iteration of this musical group. Despite the pandemic putting a halt to their plans, 2022 marks a new beginning for these outstanding musicians.

Stormy Weather is a funky, laid-back tune that exudes sophistication and cool vibes.

If there is a song that exemplifies what The Slacksons are all about, that would be Stormy Weather. This song features a delightful funky guitar and a strong bass line that will make you click your fingers due to its addictive rhythm section, Michael’s ability to shift between delivering impeccable rhymes to singing with his soothing voice is one of the most remarkable aspects of this track, while Andy’s samples and production are a solid reminder of Rap-Rock from the 90s.

With many surprises on the horizon, this band would give a lot to talk about in the upcoming months. The big and final question that many would ask after this would be: what does The Slacksons sound like? Are they Rap-Rock? Jazz? Funk? Hip hop? Brit-pop? And the only plausible answer is…The Slacksons sound like The Slacksons.

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Words Javier Rodriguez