Alice Offley Delights With Funk On The Dancefloor

Alice Offley dazzles as she channels her inner Kylie on her new single Funk On The Dancefloor.

Alice Offley – Funk On The Dancefloor

Independent artists suffer for the art, and if you want proof check out the video for Funk On The Dance Floor by Alice Offley. Filmed on the cold, wet streets of Hackney, we find Ms Offley barefoot and cavorting in a black mini dress while locals and passers-by no doubt looked on in bemusement. Can you imagine Kylie at the Finchley Lido making the video for Slow I think not!

Funk On The Dancefloor is inspired by a magical union with a complete stranger. I’m sure you can relate? For me, it often happened late at night in an indie club, probably after several whisky and cokes!  There is a joyful moment when despite not knowing anything about the person opposite you on the dance floor, you feel a powerful and instant connection forged by the mutual love and joy of music. While life can often feel stressful and distracting, it’s a great reminder to revel in the small miracles happening around us every day.

Playfully straddling the lines before Kylie Pop and Daft Punk Funk, this new single from Alice Offley perfectly delivers on its vision. I’m off out now, you try stopping me!

Alice Offley, Disco diva & real-life cousin of Dusty Springfield is a professional musician and singing bass player, (Thompson Twins, Tricky, Cyndi Lauper). Alice has built a great reputation on the live circuit, having toured internationally with bands and as a solo artist.

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