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Lewis Newton Is ‘Falling For You’

Lewis Newton I'm Falling For You review on Right Chord Music

Lewis Newton’s latest offering, “Falling For You,” serves as a captivating testament to his evolution as a musician and storyteller. With its irresistible blend of indie-rock charm and 80s-inspired synth elements, the track transports listeners on a sonic journey filled with nostalgia and infectious melodies.

Lewis Newton – Falling For You

Hailing from the vibrant music scenes of Sheffield, Lewis Newton has carved out a niche for himself as a versatile artist, equally adept at crafting catchy hooks and bold lyrics. Over the past three years, he has dedicated himself to refining his craft as a songwriter, guitarist, and producer, culminating in the release of “Falling For You.” This track not only showcases Newton’s musical prowess but also his ability to infuse his songs with his distinctive Sheffield accent and cheeky lyrical delivery, adding an extra layer of authenticity and charm.

What sets “Falling For You” apart is its versatility; it’s the kind of song that seamlessly fits into any scenario. Whether you’re gazing out the window of a train, dancing under the stars at a summer festival, or caught up in the drama of a TV romance gone wrong, this track provides the perfect soundtrack to accompany life’s moments. As the lead single from his upcoming second studio album, slated for release in late 2024, “Falling For You” sets the stage for what promises to be a milestone moment in Newton’s career.

Musically, the song is a masterclass in composition, with punchy drums, melodic synths, strummed guitar, and pumping bass intertwining to create a rich and dynamic soundscape. Newton’s conversational vocal delivery adds depth and character to the track, drawing listeners in with each word. The infectious chorus melody, cleverly echoed in the synth lines, ensures that “Falling For You” stays with you long after the music fades.

The lyrics portray the story of a guy who’s in love with a someone, the twist? They’re clearly married to someone else. The opening line, “You’re the perfect couple”, clearly states the dilemma and this track is being directly propositioned to the person in question. As the song progresses, the guy is waiting for his chance and questions whether he could be a better partner for them. The chorus is a direct string of complements to the mystery potential conquest in question, ending with the hook and title “Falling For You”. You can’t help but listen to the story unfold and groove along, wondering what ever became of them both.

Lewis Newton’s ‘Falling For You’ masterfully blends indie-pop charm with 80s synth vibes, heralding a promising new chapter in his musical journey.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of British music, including influences ranging from classic Brit Pop to contemporary indie-rock, Newton’s sound is both familiar and refreshing. With “Falling For You,” he solidifies his place as a rising star in the indie-pop landscape, offering a glimpse into the depth and breadth of his musical talents. As anticipation builds for his upcoming album, one thing is certain: Lewis Newton is a name to watch, and “Falling For You” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey.

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Words Rachel Colton