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The Pretty Ugly Will Make You Dance To ‘Elvis’

The Pretty Ugly Elvis on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover The Pretty Ugly’s indie take on a love waltz.

The Pretty Ugly – ‘Elvis’

‘If I was Elvis, you’d be my rhythm and blues…’ sings the titular line of ‘Elvis’ by The Pretty Ugly. It’s a simple yet heartfelt line, delivered sincerely enough to avoid tipping into cheesy, but strap in folks – this is an unashamedly romantic song. What else can you expect from a song used at one of the band member’s very own wedding?

The Pretty Ugly are a three-piece alt-rock act hailing from Yorkshire. Described as ‘looking like they met at a bus stop’, they’ve been quietly releasing genre-blending tracks since 2020.

‘Elvis’ is a gorgeous indie-folk love song, with its heart on its sleeve and an irresistible sway in the rhythm.

The lyrics sit firmly in a classic romantic style, opening with ‘Can’t take my eyes off of you…’, and leaning into visions of a future with things like ‘a house by the countryside’. This is full devotion and connection, a once-in-a-lifetime love, even with its ‘own language’. The beautifully-toned, warm lead vocals deliver these lines sincerely, showcasing a strong range and flowing melodies. 

The production owes a lot to folk, with its strumming guitar and wistful string lines – listeners might be reminded of acts like REM. From the second verse the track opens out with pounding drums and steady basslines, and there’s a lovely build throughout the song as more instruments join – accordion, flute and even kalimba. The band also display some wonderfully pitched harmonies, making this a perfect track for the sentimental among us, particularly if you’ve got some dancing to do. 

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Words Eden Tredwell