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Avi Kytes ‘The Thought Of Us’

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Discover Avi Kytes’ ambient alt-pop RnB breakup track.

Avi Kytes – The Thought Of Us

‘I’m lighting a fire in this old house…’ opens ‘The Thought Of Us’ by Avi Kytes. It sets the tone for a song full of poignant imagery, empty houses representing the end of a relationship, the abandoning of dreams and futures built. Nope, it’s not a lighthearted track, but an effective one. 

Avi Kytes is the project of songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Rigueiro. Originally from Barcelona, regular RCM readers may have spotted his name before.

‘The Thought Of Us’ is a richly melancholic breakup track with alt-pop and RnB influences, that goes down easily.

The lyrics have memorable imagery of that abandoned house – ‘the clock’s out of time now’ – as well as self-reflective moments – ‘They say I’m a fool ‘cos I keep breaking my back’. The chorus sadly yet relatably concludes that the relationship was built on ‘the thought of us’ rather than grounded in reality and enduring love, and that it was ‘a lie based on a maybe’. This is all delivered with classic pop melodies, and Rigueiro’s striking vocals – sweetly toned and sensitively delivered. 

The production keeps things ambient and never too much, letting the vocals take centre stage. It’s built around chiming piano chords, with haunting touches of synths and heartbeat-style beats. There are some lovely layered backing vocals, building up an atmospheric low-key sound that fans of acts like The Weeknd should enjoy. Listeners should also check out Kytes’ debut EP, ‘Sour Kisses and Goodbyes’, from which this release is taken, for more intimate and sound-blending tracks.

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Words Eden Tredwell