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Discover The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 8

The Music Review Mixtape Vol 8. PARAFFIN

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 7 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Will Langston Sees The Bigger Picture On ‘If I Should Fall’

London-based Will Langston is a 25-year-old songwriter with some remarkable experience already, as a former member of the Indie-Pop band milkd and also as a solo artist collaborating with the renowned producer Cadien Lake James. Despite having some singles out there which received positive feedback, his most recent musical adventure If I Should Fall, is a special one, marking Will’s first official piece produced in its entirety by this young performer.

If I Should Fall keeps the similar Indie Pop traits that Will has displayed in previous instalments. His soft and calming voice successfully captures the essence of the troubled period in Will’s life that served as the main inspiration for this track, and while this might give the impression that this is a sad tune, the main message in this work is to appreciate what is important during these type of situations.

Inspiring and positively reassuring, this melody consolidates Langston as a promising act to keep an eye on.

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Ketsyha Is Ready To ‘Jump into the Cold Water’

Bringing good vibes and optimism through the power of music, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Ketsia J. Cardona aka Ketsyha is an R&B/Soul artist whose talent has made her win several awards and recognitions. Among some of these accolades, we can mention the Best Music Video at Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in Paris for the music clip of Move On, as well as being part of the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists and Bands of 2020 by the Music Connection Magazine.

Jump Into The Cold Water is an encouraging anthem inviting people to take a leap of faith, leave fear behind, and fight for their dreams. Accompanied by a conglomerate of professional musicians from Los Angeles and Puerto Rico, Ketsyha’s impressive vocal range steals the show, making this track a perfect fit for a “try not to dance” challenge. Funky, vibrant, and cheerful, JITCW is an antidote for pessimism.

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DURA LUNE Brings The Rhythm On ‘I Fly Alone’

DURA LUNE is a Swedish electronic duo consisting of musicians Simon Duchén and Mateo Raspudic, their similar backgrounds and passion for DJing are evident in their knack for experimenting and fusing different genres into their music. Mateo started as a DJ in 2016, performing all over the west coast of his native Sweden, while Simon began playing in rock and metal bands before transitioning into EDM. Since 2017 they have been creating songs and remixes, cutting their teeth as the talented producers they are.

Coming as their official debut, I Fly Alone comes off as a feel-good dance track, with special guest Christine Ringborg providing the magnificent vocals in this melody. In addition, their usage of acoustic and electronic sounds grants this piece exuberant energy, turning this song into an ideal complement for these sultry summer nights.

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Gabrielle Ornate Dives Deep Into ‘The Undying Sleep’

Crossing the line between alternative rock and pop, British performer Gabrielle Ornate has made some jaws drop since her debut last year with the acclaimed tune The March of The Caterpillars, followed by a series of well-received songs. Accurately baptized as a “Bohemian queen” her unconventional and eclectic sound has drawn the attention of several blogs in the underground music scene.

The Undying Sleep is as dreamy and trippy as the name could imply, being one of her most free-spirited singles so far. Abstract lyrics meet with an upbeat production rich in texture, conformed by mesmerizing synths and addictive riffs, all this beautifully adorned with a charming siren-Esque voice that glides on a dreamscape scenario. Ambitious but never forced, this melody is as good as it gets, propelling the listener into a higher plain of ethereal extravagance.

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PARAFFIN Tries To Let Go On Exciting New Track ‘Call Me Over’

After their debut in 2018, Portsmouth’s five-piece PARAFFIN went on a streak of meaningful achievements, releasing four singles and headlining sold-out shows at The Wedgwood Rooms in their native Portsmouth and The Joiners in Southampton.

Being another newcomer act that suffered from the lockdowns, their latest track, Call Me Over, is in many ways a fresh start, consolidating not only their long-awaited return but also incorporating Jake Saunders (drums) and Tim Beavis (bass) forming the current iteration of the group.

On top of all this, this tune also has a history with this band that goes back to the adolescence of Tyler Adam (guitar), the period in which he wrote the riff, subsequently, Tom Chapman (guitar) added the lyrics in 2019, Jake and Tim helped to give shape to this song when they joined this project, the cherry on top was Billy Tee’s vocals which gave this piece its distinctive adrenaline infused vibe.

The final result is this consummated effort with a soaring chorus and a highly infectious hook that will have you craving for more.

With this fantastic new composition, PARAFFIN has demonstrated that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

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Lily Juniper Sheds The Weight Off Her ‘Shoulders’

Graduate from The BRIT school, Lily Juniper has worked behind the scenes with illustrious artists like Frederic Robinson, Bakar, and PBR Streetgang. Her sonorous style blends pleasant vocal harmonies with elements of experimental electronic music, a great example of this is her first official release Shoulders.

The lyrics in this piece are a brilliant showcase of honest fragility gliding delicately through a chill downtempo beat, crafting one of the most satisfying auditive experiences you will hear in a while. And talking about the words on this record, this track is about getting rid of that extra weight that comes with other people’s expectations, needs, or impressions of you, something that makes a lot of sense considering how this gorgeous tune was conceived during the pandemic days, a time that brought a lot of pressure on people’s lives.

With such credentials and that level of experience this early in her career, you can be sure that we have only seen a small dose of what Lily is capable of.

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Betty Reed Proves Her Doubters Wrong On ‘Without You’

We close this edition of The Music Reviews Mixtape with an absolute blast courtesy of Betty Reed, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, this outstanding singer is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in vocal performance. Since 2020 Betty has worked non-stop, releasing a considerate number of singles that go from Country Pop to Electropop, as well as a 6-track EP called “Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned.” exhibiting the multifaceted side of this artist.

This new piece distances itself from its predecessors, taking a more rock-focused approach, which in hindsight is the right call, considering the emotion needed to express what this work talks about. Without You is the ultimate response to the naysayers, the haters, and just those people who want to bring you down. Based on real-life experiences, Betty displays her most encouraging facet with an assertive attitude, fast-paced guitar riffs, and a wild rhythm section guaranteed to make some heads bang.

If there is a song in her catalogue that could be considered her most empowering warcry is certainly this one.

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Words Javier Rodriguez