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Eddie Boy And Marina Mia Team Up For Slick Hispanic Tune

Eddie Boy and Marina Mia - Sí Se Puede Amar

Eddie Boy and Marina Mia team up for a Hispanic dance-pop tune Sí Se Puede Amar that gleams with its slick beat and tale of love turned into hate.

Eddie Boy and Marina Mia – Sí Se Puede Amar

A Latin pop groove is often the most effective vehicle for dramatic exchanges about romantic love gone wrong. ‘Sí Se Puede Amar’, the new single by Eddie Boy featuring Marina Mia, is no exception.

“A slick beat keeps time as our artists exchange bilingual lines about their love and heartbreak”

Making effective use of its slick minimalistic R&B beat, the number centres around the passionate interaction of the two artists about their unresolved affair. Fittingly, each delivers their lines in a different language, Marina in Spanish and Eddie in English, further stressing their struggle decoding each other’s true feelings.

“I wanted nothing but the truth”, asserts our lovestruck boy somewhat defiantly. “You’ll need to make it sound a little more convincing than that”, he goes on. Well, let’s lend him a hand in making sense of our heart-broken lady’s words. “You knew how to love me and, in order to forget, you knew how to hate me”, she relays bitterly, then asks if this new state of things might be the solution to their ill-fated romance. After all, letting it sour into loathing is often the best way to channel love that lingers on past its welcome…

Both our performers’ vocal chops are top-notch and perfectly carry the emotional weight of this impasse. Our hurt señorita’s voice often recalls current Spanish pop queen Rosalía’s quite a bit, both in tone and in the ardent delivery. On its part, Eddie Boy’s smooth and breathy take turns out dangerously seductive.

Born in Mexico City and currently based in Los Angeles, Eddie Boy actually discovered his love for music in his childhood years when in contact with the records of erudite masters Chopin and Rachmaninoff that his parents kept. Later, as a teen, he became enamoured with pop music and has since been creating his own songs, fusing the rich influences borne by his diverse background, as well and producing tracks for other Latino artists. His work on Saludos, by Mexican-American recording artist Kordelya, even garnered a rave review from the Grammys website.

His debut album is in the works and due next year, with further releases planned to follow.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio