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Kierra the Goddess Reveals Two Dazzling New Singles

Kierra The Goddess

Kierra the Goddess releases dazzling singles ‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ and ‘It’s ok to change’.

Kierra the Goddess ‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ / ‘It’s ok to change’

Looking to bring more representation into alternative genres, exciting newcomer Kierra the Goddess has unveiled two formidable new tracks, both encapsulating the diverse influences that make Kierra such an intriguing artist.

Growing up in several places in her native Georgia, Kierra the Goddess started to write songs at the early age of six years old this helped her to cope with all the changes in her life at the time. Kierra draws inspiration from a plethora of artists across many different genres, like Cage The Elephant, Beyonce, Queen, Ariana Grande, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, $uicideboy$, and Melanie Martinez, to name a few.

‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ is an energetic rock jam full of catchiness and enough energy to start your week with a great attitude, while ‘It’s ok to change’ will put a smile on your face with its chill harmonies, both tracks complement each other like jelly and peanut butter.

This eclectic music taste has played a big role in Kierra’s art, which has elements of R&B, Pop, Indie, and Classic Rock; this is more obvious after listening to her most recent offerings ‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ and ‘It’s ok to change’.

On the one hand, ‘From the manic pixie dream girl’ can easily be considered the powerhouse of the two singles, with its foot-tapping rhythms and an electrifying looped riff that prevails throughout the entire piece.

The other side of this coin is ‘it’s ok to change’, a mellow Indie tune with soothing vocals and a laid-back guitar strumming. This sweet melody is more straightforward, explaining how we should embrace change due to its inevitable nature.

Both compositions are a great way to get into Kierra’s music, evidencing the wide range that she can cover and how she is capable of embarking on versatile sonic paths, this quality grants Kierra Da Goddess an unpredictability that helps to maintain a fresh sound, and with such a musical diversity, this performer does a great job at keeping you guessing what she will do next.

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Words Javier Rodriguez