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The Great Leslie Set their Sights on Stardom With New Singles

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The Great Leslie pack their tunes with lithe and bouncy basslines, perfectly complimenting their pairing of punk and dance-infused guitar.

The Great Leslie- ‘Can’t Touch’/ ‘Get In’

Ahead of the release of their debut EP ‘The End and The Beginning’ in late March, The Great Leslie have already stirred up support through numerous singles, tracking back to their first release ‘Money’ in August 2020. Already on their way to international stardom, the band raise the bar with their two newest singles; ‘Can’t Touch’ and ‘Get In’.

With ‘Can’t Touch’ having been out in the wild since January, the release has been met with the rave reviews it most definitely deserves. Tapping into the band’s unique sense of instrumental style, Ollie Trevers’ vociferous vocal performance commands attention; the interweaving rhythm section thumps out an intense beat while Freddie Miles’ guitar lines dart in and out of the limelight. By the time the band’s voices rise in unison to mark the beginning of the chorus, it’s already become quite clear to the listener that they have stumbled upon something truly special. In euphoric moments like these, The Great Leslie continue to channel their punk rock roots while employing an inherent ear for rhythm that binds them closer to indie greats like The Killers or Franz Ferdinand.

Having toured with the latter last year, The Great Leslie’s latest tracks channel a similar tone while also emphasising a new energy that is inherently their own. On the back of a huge year of release and touring for the band, I would be remiss to not touch upon how perfectly ‘Get In’ and ‘Can’t Touch’ exemplify how much the group have grown since their previous spate of releases across mid to late 2022.

Prior to 2023, the band had only gone from strength-to-strength with each release- building upon foundations already strong enough to win over any crowd. From the polished acoustic influence in ‘Out of My Hands’ to live ragers ‘Beddable’ and ‘Chinese Chip Shop’, The Great Leslie proved they could do anything they set their mind to. A personal favourite of mine- the track ‘Anna’, released in late 2021- exemplifies the band’s lack of genre restriction by injecting what seems to be more Metal-inspired instrumental touches. With anticipation building towards the EP’s release, The Great Leslie have smashed it out of the park yet again with the recently released ‘Get In’.

As any good project does, there is a thrilling sense of cohesion between these two tracks that develops in both a musical and thematic fashion. Similar elements exist here as they do in ‘Can’t Touch’- most notably the striking punch of the rhythm section interlacing with an anxious guitar riff that skitters from ear-to-ear. In terms of overall quality, the track is another perfect example of what the band do best: display their uncompromising instrumental talent while still producing tense, restrained verses that truly unleash upon reaching the chorus. This more than just delivers, it instead cleaves a clear line to what the great reviewers over at Spruced Up Reviews noted to be an “irresistible sweet spot between fun and fierce.” With the EP set to chronicle the full breadth of a relationship- from happier beginnings to a slow demise- this particular track is a marked turning point on this downward spiral. Within the contrast between the uptempo tone and cathartic lyricism (particularly in such lines as “we’re still here and the cracks between us are now showing”), the band exemplify their ability to join such discordant elements into a touching yet truly exhilarating project.

Having already received noteworthy praise from such critics as John Kennedy (Radio X) and Janice Long (BBC Wales), I am just one of many who has seen and heard The Great Leslie’s readily-apparent talent and roadmap to success. Steadily gaining airplay from Kerrang!, Amazing Radio and Planet Rock, the band are cultivating a die-hard fanbase who appreciate their particular niche for song-writing and instrumental prowess. With ‘The End and The Beginning’s’ release now on the horizon, there is no better time to check out these two excellent samples of what lies in store.

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