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Discover The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 14

The Music Review Mixtape Vol 14

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, RCM staff writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 6 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Mark Docherty – Saying Goodbye

Hailing from Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, Mark Docherty is an artist with plenty of experience and deep knowledge of the music industry. After many years of cutting his teeth by performing in several projects all over the UK, a series of events (including the pandemic) put a halt to his previous band Hari Debi.

Now with things back to normal and more motivated than ever, Mark is back on track, this time on his own and ready to continue his artistic journey. Saying Goodbye marks the return of this skilled musician, with the first single from his upcoming album Reckless Abandon, set for release later this year.

Even though the lyrics could apply exclusively to a relationship, the truth is that Saying Goodbye is overall more universal than it seems, reflecting on that wonderful feeling when you discover how strong you are, saying goodbye to an unsatisfying job, to a toxic friend, etc. This encouraging theme is flawlessly delivered thanks to Mark’s velvet voice and the gentle guitar strums, making this piece an unforgettable aural experience.

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Shipwrecker – Pretty Face

What originally started as a one-off side project by guitarist Jo Barnes eventually became one of the most promising up-and-coming bands from Liverpool. Shipwrecker is the name of this four-piece that has released two EPs, each with the noteworthy feat of being recorded and released in just one week (2017 and 2019, respectively).

And as if this wasn’t impressive enough, 2019 was the year in which this outfit played their first live show to a sold-out crowd in their hometown at the Kazimier Stockroom in Liverpool.

Fully charged with a mixture of 90s alternative and classic rock, their newest offering Pretty Face is an explosively catchy banger about superficiality and human weaknesses, featuring wild riffs and a mesmerizing rhythm section that will blow up your speakers with its danceable grooves.

Due to their astonishing musicianship, Shipwrecker is a must-listen for any Alternative Rock enthusiast. This is a shipwreck you won’t regret being part of.

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Sam & The Engineers – Entropy March

Formed in 2019, Italian trio Sam & The Engineers started playing small gigs in Ortigia and Eastern Sicily, making a name for themselves in the underground music scene.

Following the warm reception to their debut single, Breakable, and a sold-out show at their hometown in Syracuse, this group is ready to take the next step with the song Entropy March, which is a track that encapsulates feelings of disorientation and loneliness, lyrically linked to the vast entropy of the universe.

Right off the bat, the song creates an ethereal and mysterious atmosphere with its soft penned piano evoking the endless void that represents the universe perfectly fitting with the existentialist themes. Sam’s soothing lyrical display provides this piece with a sense of vulnerability, combined with a heart-wrenching guitar solo and a mind-boggling monologue.

For just their second single, this group have ‘engineered’ a fabulous melody that hits all the boxes for an unforgettable rock track.

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Aaron Elvis – Supersonic

Although he resides in Sydney, Australia, Aaron was born on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. From an early age, it was crystal clear that music would be a crucial part of his life, taking any opportunity to sing to the top of his lungs with his family as the witnesses of his emerging talent.

As expected from an artist with such passion for music, his influences are rich and varied, some of them include the likes of John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Paramore, Earth Wind & Fire, and Prince, to name a few.

Bringing a glimpse of hope in the never-ending game of love, Supersonic honours its name by being a blast of a melody combining Aaron’s light vocal range with an irresistible and infectious production, resulting in one of the most energetically upbeat pop tracks you will hear this year.

With his eyes set on the goal, Aaron Elvis is determined to make 2023 his year, and just by looking at the level of talent that this young man has showcased with just one song, he’s definitely on the right path to achieve this.

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Fantastic Mr Marcel – Double-Edge Sword

In collaboration with singer Martin Oet and rapper/producer Minimalist, the artist known as Fantastic Mr Marcel has released the follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 track, Black & White, in the form of Double-Edge Sword, a piece that represents the ideal sound that Marcel has been looking for, aiming to narrate sonic stories of love and hope from a courageous perspective wrapped in mind-bending arrangements.

If there is a track that cleverly depicts the many faces of loving wholeheartedly, it’s ‘Double-Edge Sword’. Giving a good taste of what this musician is all about, this song thrives by amalgamating a well-rounded production composed of back vocal effects, foot-tapping beats, and hypnotizing rhythms with symbolic, ingenuous songwriting. In addition, Martin and Minimalist perfectly complement what already is a jewel of a song.

“Poetically beautiful, Fantastic Mr Marcel’s new work will give a lot to talk about.”

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Tim Nova – I Believe In You

2022 was a pivotal year in the career of Indie Pop-Rock artist Tim Nova, receiving support from BBC Introducing, and self-releasing three singles and an acoustic EP, proving that this artist is a living dynamo with no signs of stopping making quality music anytime soon.

Aiming to replicate that “live” sensation that only music can provoke, Tim’s music brims with authenticity and highly relatable themes.

His latest offering, I Believe In You, is the apotheosis of a dreamer’s anthem, sending a powerful message about following your dreams despite the circumstances, a subject he hopes will inspire younger generations, including his own children.

The soft yet emotionally striking instrumentation impeccably displayed in this composition paves the way for Tim’s heartfelt performance, turning this into a singalong, tailor-made tune for stadiums and big arenas.

Exuding positivity and good vibes, Tim Nova seems ready to repeat last year’s accomplishments and take his career further onto new and exciting grounds.

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Words Javier Rodriguez