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Introducing Fledgling Tunes For Indie Artists

Fledgling Tunes Alfie Jackson

It’s been 15 years since the Holloways released “Generator’ their ode to the positive power of music to make you feel better. Now lead singer Alfie Jackson is back with a new project working with exciting new independent artists. Introducing Fledgling Tunes and their debut release ‘Why Can’t You Hold The Light of Heroes?’.

Fledgling Tunes

Fledgling Tunes is a collaborative project from acclaimed singer, songwriter and former Holloways frontman, Alfie Jackson.

Described as a hybrid somewhere between a record label, artist and community. Alfie, now part of the co-writing world is using Fledgling to help artists to collaborate and reach larger communal audiences via great music that might otherwise have never been heard.

Working with unsigned and independent artists Fledgling is all about the power of collaboration.  With each artist bringing new fans to the community so each artist can grow.

Why Can’t You Hold The Light of Heroes?

The first release is a four-track EP featuring Alfie Jackson alongside two independent artists – Julian Leben and Christine Schneider and a third, unnamed secret artist.

The EP begins in style with our mystery female vocalist on ‘Superheroes’ It positively twinkles with its feel-good indie folk vibes. If you can guess who the mysterious vocalist is, let us know @rightchordmusic !

Left out in the Sun features Alfie on vocals, it feels wonderfully nostalgic. It’s clear this record is jammed full of quality. This has been an EP that has been crafted to perfection.

Track three introduces us to Julian Leben, if this was a relay race the baton transfer would be very, very safe. There is an accomplished style about this London-based singer-songwriter it’s easy and probably a little lazy to name-check the likes of Damien Rice or even Jake Bugg as influences, but we’re going to!

The EP is brought home by Christine Schneider with ‘Leave a Light on for Me’ About two-thirds of the way through she briefly drifts into a hummed rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ and in that moment it feels like a wonderfully cute alternative to Chris Rea’s radio hogging hit ‘Driving Home For Christmas’

‘Why Can’t You Hold The Light of Heroes’ is available to download via Bandcamp

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Words Mark Knight