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New Music Monday. Introducing Cloud Control

Australian readers will probably be well aware of this band, but for those of you in the UK or beyond this may well be the first you have heard of Cloud Control. Prepare your excited face…

Cloud Control, are a four-piece alternative rock band originating from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.

Cloud Control blend the harmonies of Fleet Foxes with the anthemic driving force of Arcade Fire with the quirkiness of They Might Be Giants.

The band have already supported a host of local and international acts, including Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Supergrass, The Magic Numbers, Yves Klein Blue, The Temper Trap, Last Dinosaurs and Local Natives.

They have been nominated for a clutch of awards in Australia, including 2 ARIA awards. Most recently, the band was nominated for the Australian Music Prize, which they subsequently won.

The band is currently signed to the Australian label Ivy League Records, in which they released their debut album Bliss Release, and to Infectious Music in the UK/Europe.

Their album Bliss Release,is out now. Essential track: Gold Canary

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDULAuG8FgA&w=420&h=345]

For fans of Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes & They Might Be Giants (Remember them?!)