The Best of Reverbnation 2022. Five Artists You Need To Discover

We invited the Reverbnation music community to submit their music for the chance to feature on the RCM Blog. After wading through 1,993 submissions from all over the World, we have chosen The Best of Reverbnation 2022. Here are five artists you need to discover.

The Violet Mindfield

The Violet Mindfield are an American, garage, surf, psych, rock ‘n roll band from Southern California consisting of John Duran (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar) Clifton Weaver (Organ, percussion, guitar, harmonica), Sean McBreen (bass guitar, vocals) Harry Parr (drums, vocals) and Victor Salazar (guitar, vocals).

Their latest album ‘California Burning’ is available now on 12″ black vinyl from Outro Records, you can also find it on Bandcamp.

With their analogue sound and retro stylings The Violet Mindfield transport you back to the 1960s. With only two tracks surpassing 3mins you will race through this album. One listen is not enough, it leaves you breathless. Standout track ‘Nothing At All’ is a thrilling sonic blast that gets the pulse racing. Fans of The Kinks and The Sonics will find something to love.

The Violet Mindfield have been active since 2015 with their debut The Orange EP a somewhat quieter more psychedelic affair. Take your time to work through their back catalogue there is so much to admire including single Hard Times, Easy Love/Gimme, Gimme which will become an immediate ear-worm.

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Bellhead are a band of few words. Self-described as a… “male-female duo band. Two basses and a drum machine. No Guitar, No BS. MADE IN CHICAGO.”

Their brilliantly titled debut EP ‘Unicorn Bones’ released in 2020 sets the tone for what comes next. Equally dark, menacing and thrilling, their sound cavorts between post-punk, gothic, industrial, alternative and metal.

Opening track ‘Snuff Film 1974’ roars over a live crowd hiss. It’s unclear whether this is a real live audience, or simply added in production, but either way, it works, making Bellhead feel instantly huge. The title track ‘Unicorn Bones’ simmers against the backdrop of male, and female duelling vocals, dirty bass and crashing drums.

Fast forward to now and Bellhead have just released ‘Nothing As It Seems’ a glorious five-track high energy remix EP that nods in the direction of NIN and Marilyn Manson. Every remix brings a re-invention. Personal favourites include the ‘Loveless Love Remix’ and ‘Stabbing Westwood Remix’, but it’s a bit like choosing between your children.

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Lonely Ghxst

After the angst of Bellhead, Lonely Ghxst provides a wonderfully chilled contrast. His latest single Fallin is sublime, providing the perfect showcase for his haunting and emotive vocals.

There isn’t too much about him online. We know he’s from London, and he has already started to make a name for himself on the live stage, with performances at Ronnie Scott’s, SOFAR Sound, and Camden Jazz Cafe to date, and the next show is set for the end of May at Pizza Express Live.  Take some time to listen back to previous single releases I Need You and Ocean both released last year. It’s clear he is one to watch.

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Lainey Dionne

Rhode Island-bred Lainey Dionne is an indie-pop singer/songwriter who knows how to write a catchy pop song. Her 12 track album ‘Self Titled’ contains not one, but three songs that have either won or been nominated for songwriting awards.

Track one ‘Hey London’ won the International Songwriting Competition and Unsigned Only Competition while also being nominated for NEMA Song of The Year. It’s easy to see why! Infectious is an overused word, but in this case, it’s fully justified. After one listen you’ll do well not to be singing the chorus for the remainder of the day. It makes London almost feel tropical in its exuberance.

While dark pop ballad ‘Skin’ won the New England Songwriting Competition and was a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only competition.  While final track ‘I Love You To Death’ was a finalist in the Unsigned Only competition. So if you are impatient to hear the hits, you know where to start.

Not content with basking in the glow of her awards Lainey has already released a new single ‘Vampire’ which is a warning to anyone who expects to take, take from a relationship. Much like ‘Hey London’ this new single has an instantly familiar sound.

Judging by her releases to date, Lainey Dionne is firmly on the road from Pop to Popular.

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ZØYA is an independent recording artist, singer-songwriter, musician and storyteller based in Los Angeles.

ZØYA (also known as Zoya Naumchik) was born in Pinsk, Belarus on September 4, 1993. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio after immigrating to the United States at the age of 11. She was raised in a Christian household. She grew up listening to inspirational, worship, gospel, and jazz music cassettes and CDs. ZØYA began writing songs and poems at the age 6.

Her music is influenced by the struggles she faced in her teenage years. She writes music for those people that need encouragement or a dose of positivity, firmly believing music has healing powers. ZØYA have bravely shaken off her past and now imbues her music with an inner fire a sense of greater power.

ZØYA released her debut the ‘Veracious Heart’ EP back in 2017 since then she has gone on to release 5 further singles. Her music has been streamed on over 300 college radio stations in the UK as well as picking up radio support in the UK.

Her latest single ‘Let Me Know’ has a retro 80s synth-pop vibe. You can almost taste the excitement and euphoria of freedom as she runs and dances her way across a city in the accompanying video (see above). This track builds and swells with her hugely impressive vocals. You just know every word ZØYA sings is straight from the heart.

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Words Mark Knight