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The Best Music Of 2012. Pt. 5. First Signs Of Love That Continue To Grow


As regular readers will know, we run a feature on Right Chord Music called First Signs Of Love. FSOL is about those moments when a track grabs us, shakes us, and truly commands our attention. Quite literally it’s the first signs of love.

We’ve gone back through our archives to bring you our favourite First Signs Of Love artists from 2012. These artists have continued to remain dear to us, and those early signs of love have been strengthened through their subsequent musical output.

Bela Takes Chase

The first signs of love started with ‘Eye Pennies,’ a delicious slice of low-fi americana, and continued with the release of her debut EP Rough Luxe which demonstrated BTC’s versatility, effortlessly shifting between finger plucked folk and floor filling electro pop with ‘Miles Away’ the standout track.

Eye Pennies

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Night Engine

‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ dominated our ears in October. Without doubt, the most infectious break through tune of the year, and the track we told everyone about. First formal single Seventeen / Treat Me Like A Baby is set for release in February and is already causing quite a stir.

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Lillian Todd Jones

‘Butter Soul’ the debut single by Lillian Todd Jones made a pretty big impact on us. We played it to death. Ever since we’ve been scouring the internet for evidence of future releases. While there hasn’t been a formal follow up single just yet, the tracks that have surfaced on SoundCloud and YouTube show that the future looks exceedingly bright.

Butter Soul

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Alex Highton

Last month Alex Highton captivated us with his track ‘You’ve Got The Trees’ taken from his album Woodditton Wives Club. It was like a lesson in songwriting and story telling, we were literally hanging off his every word. Since then we discovered a new demo ‘The Evil That Men Do’ posted on his SoundCloud page. It literally drips with beauty. The love continues to grow with every contact.

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Tony Njoku 

‘All My Life’ swept into our consciousness back in June, the first signs of love almost reached an embarrassing level of obsessive lust. This track seemed to get better with every listen, fusing minimalist electro, folk and soul to create something dreamy and beautiful. Tony has since released a full EP which recalls shades of Massive Attack and Radiohead effortlessly flitting between up and down-tempo beats. Always brilliant, but never predictable.

All My Life.

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Back in March we got truly excited about Mavis. Not the Coronation Street character, but the band.  Their debut EP ‘Something Loose’ and lead single ‘Soho’ made us wanted to mosh in our living room. A furious, swirling mix of urgent indie and wailing blues rock. Now they are back, and boy does it feel good!  New demo ‘Lipstick’ continues to build the excitement and reminds us of early Kings Of Leon, when there was a passion and intensity about their output (Long since gone!). ‘Lipstick’ yelps and we answer ‘more please!’.


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