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The Best New Music Of 2012.

We’ve chosen our favourite music of 2012, and asked some of our favourite bands and artists to do the same.

The Best Music Of 2012 – Right Chord Music Artists Of The Year

Pt. 2 Guest Editors ‘To Kill A King’

Pt. 3 Guest Editors ‘The Daydream Club’

Pt. 4 Guest Editor ‘Alex Highton’

Pt. 5. First Signs Of Love That Continued To Grow

Pt. 6 Guest Editors ‘Bogan Via’

Pt. 7 Guest Editors ‘The High Commissioners’

Pt. 8 Guest Editors ‘Curxes’

Pt. 9 Guest Editor ‘Aaron Espe’

Pt. 10 Guest Editor ‘Lillian Todd Jones’

Pt. 11 Right Chord Music – Staff Writer Picks

Pt. 12 The Right Chord Music 2012 Playlist