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#FSOL 20. Tony Njoku ‘All My Life’

FSOL (First Signs Of Love) is a feature we use when we stumble upon something that makes our heart race. There is a feeling of optimism that maybe, just maybe we’ve found a new musical love.

Like any new love the early days are crucial, who knows how things will work out? But at that moment the world feels like a much better place.

When we discovered Tony Njoku’s music it felt like we had been swept away with a strong fresh breeze. This guy is barely out of short trousers (17 years old) currently studying for his A-Levels and making music with a maturity that defies his years.

Tony Njoku is somewhat of a mysterious figure and you won’t find much about him online. So we tracked him down to find out more about him and this track.

“The track was written about two months ago. It’s about many changes that have occurred at a certain point in my life although the changes I have really wanted to occur haven’t, but recently things are coming to plan. Things like musical acknowledgement, and teenage love affairs. It was inspired by a lot of experiences and what its about becomes apparent when you understand the lyrics which say ‘Here comes a change I couldn’t find all my life. So its quite personal and self reflective.”

Even before deciphering the meaning you’ll find yourself hooked by the ethereal sound. He could be singing anything it would still sound perfect, discovering the meaning only adds to the story. The track builds slowly with layers of electronica but never loses its intimacy. All My Life sounds like what might be produced if Bon Iver was locked in a room with James Blake.

Tony Njoku is a Nigerian native living in Brighton. His musical output is varied, only united by it’s quality. At moments ambient and reflective at others glicthy, and upbeat, but always highly engaging. We recommend you check out his other tracks on SoundCloud.

Tony tells us there is an album on the way, with an EP featuring this track likely to precede it. We can’t wait. If you’re a label reading this – jump on this lad.