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Tate LaBianca Reveal Debut Single ‘Crazy’

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Positivity with a punch: Tate LaBianca reveal debut single, “Crazy”.

Tate LaBianca – Crazy

A genre-shapeshifting trio from Yorkshire, Tate LaBianca are known for their unique fusion of classic and contemporary influences, combining the richest elements of blues, hard rock, punk and metal. Believing some bands to be stuck in their own definitions, the three-piece are proud to go against the current and navigate unexplored sonic spaces. 

Using new single, “Crazy” to push the boundaries of their vision, Tate LaBianca express unwavering determination to deliver a timeless rock-driven sound characterized by supportive messages. Focusing on the concept of one person being “against the world”, the track encourages support, perseverance and patience until you find the diamond amongst pearls.  A reactionary, old-school rock-sounding track, the band wish to inspire fans with their energy and deliver a cohesive listening experience. Richly showcasing their wealth of influences, the band channel “80s rock aesthetics” and align their sound with classic legends such as Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Also nodding to the finesse of ACDC’s simple but timeless, effective style, the band bless their foundational hard-rock sound with dark, grunge bass riffs and reverb-soaked vocals. The solo-section sees the track move towards an Iron Maiden-esque, metal-driven sound, which perfectly demonstrates how the trio aren’t afraid to pull multiple musical threads from their broad tapestry of genres. 

Vocalist and guitarist Lewis Turgoose gives us an insight into the track:

This was the first song me and Joe wrote together, in fact it’s the only song we’ve written together. It started out life by Joe coming up with this bassline and I improvised a few riffs and melodies over the top of it. We both just got it! I took what we had away and began to build a chorus, solo, pre-chorus and put it into a structure. Then I wrote the lyrics and boom, Crazy was born”. Bassist and vocalist Joe added: “The drums and bassline to Crazy really is the backbone to the song. Me and Matt are kind of like the heartbeat for it and Lewis is like the soul”.

“Crazy” bridges the gap between classic and contemporary rock. There is such an alluring, untamed spirit in Tate LaBianca’s sound, and their refreshing take on breaking down the stigmas related to expressing vulnerability is what’s forever needed in the music industry. Punchy rock ‘n’ roll that’s proud to be positive – fantastic”

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Article by Rhí McPhelim