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Class of 91 Pick Up The Pieces On ‘Broken Window’

Class of 91 Broken Window review on Right Chord Music

After releasing two EPs, Canadian ensemble Class of 91 has unveiled their latest single, Broken Window. This track showcases the band’s distinctive introspective and personal songwriting style.

Class of 91 – Broken Window

Emerging in 2019 under a DIY ideology, the quartet comprising Ian Ferguson (guitarist/vocalist), Brock Saraul (guitarist), Fred Pantalone Jr (bassist), and Steve Clifford (drummer) braved the challenges of the pandemic to establish themselves.

Their 2020 EP, Eyes on Fire, captured the essence of a world in lockdown, delving into themes of loss, connection, and identity. Following this was Lost Stories in 2022, a second EP produced by Ferguson and Clifford in their Ottawa home studio. This release further refined their fusion of indie, punk, and 90s alternative rock, tackling subjects like mental health, human conflict, and duality.

Fast forward a year, and Class of 91 returns with the compelling track Broken Window, showcasing their emotive lyricism. Delving into the intricacies of relationships, the song narrates the gradual drift between two friends who once shared an unbreakable bond. The authenticity and relatability of this storyline make the piece stand out.

Contrary to expectations, Broken Window is not a sombre ballad; instead, it pulsates with energetic drums and an invigorating riff, creating an immediate foot-tapping banger. Ferguson’s assertive vocals inject a different vibe, especially in the vivid chorus punctuated by an emphatic “hey!”– an invitation for the audience to join in the chant.

“Broken Window is a heartfelt alt-rock powerhouse, maintaining realism and striking emotional songwriting.”

Class of 91 excels in conveying powerful emotions through their engaging storytelling, ensuring their place in your alt-rock playlist. Their live performances are a must-see, making them a band that unquestionably deserves a spot in your musical rotation.

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Words Javier Rodriguez