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Episode 82. Lost On Radio

Welcome to the 82nd episode of Lost On Radio! Presented and curated by Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio is a...

Artist Of The Week. Genna Marabese

Genna Marabese pronounced (Mara-bay-see) is an alternative singer songwriter from Bedfordshire that we first featured on RCM back in 2012 with a First Signs...

Genna Marabese ‘Masquerade’

Genna Marabese is back. Our former FSOL No. 18 has released her second single 'Masquerade' and the excitement around her continues to grow. The striking discordant...

Blog Takeover Part 4. Guest Editor Tony Lazarus

Hi my name is Tony Lazarus, and I am a keyboard player / singer with a passion for music - most music. I also...

#FSOL. 18 Genna Marabese ‘We Are Animal’

Genna Marabese is an Italian born, Bedfordshire based alternative singer songwriter who conjures up discordant underground pop sounds. Her debut single "We Are Animal" is...