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The dark soundscape of ‘Lore’ by Szopa

“Oh, do you know why I spend my evenings all on my own?” goes the refrain of Szopa’s latest release ‘Lore’. It’s one of...

Edwin Rosen and his nostalgic dance throwback ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’

Edwin Rosen hails from Germany, the twenty-year-old artist has gained quite the following since his initial debut, with over three million streams for his...

Sapienn steps out with Provocateur

It is 2049. My fully automated smart-house wakes me up in the morning, opens the curtains, and the AI starts playing its favourite song,...

‘Give ‘Em Back’ gives us funk-synth-soul from Charles Pam

‘Give ‘Em Back’ by Charles Pam makes me want to dance. Specifically, it makes me want to be in an r’n’b-soul club in the...