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Subterranean Street Society – Focus On The Melody

Subterranean Street Society Focus on The Melody on Right Chord Music blog photo by Ehlana van Roijen
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Right Chord Music favourites Subterranean Street Society reveal their latest unmissable track ‘Focus On The Melody’.

Subterranean Street Society – Focus On The Melody

Danish-Dutch band Subterranean Street Society has once again set the stage ablaze with their latest release, Focus On The Melody, showcasing their unparalleled musical versatility.

Renowned for their unique fusion of folk and grunge, Subterranean Street Society consistently shatters expectations, continually surprising listeners with each new release, both in terms of sonic exploration and lyrical depth.

Their previous single, God Couldn’t Save The Queen, marked a departure from their melancholic signature sound, serving as a compelling protest song challenging society’s idolization of royal families. Fast forward a mere six weeks, and the band delivers yet another thought-provoking track, Focus On The Melody, presenting an innovative shift in both sound and subject matter.

The song calls attention to the dwindling focus and attention span of 21st-century humanity. Its lyrics offer a poignant critique of society’s struggle to concentrate, lost in the mesmerizing glow of digital screens. Yet, amidst this social commentary, the track invites listeners to join in, singing along to its unforgettable, hook-laden garage-rock composition.

Launching at a breakneck speed, Focus On The Melody commands immediate attention with its infectious instrumentation, boasting vibrant drums and electrifying, distorted guitars that compel you to move. The song crescendos into a high-octane chorus, practically demanding audience participation at the top of one’s vocal range.

Living up to its title, Focus On The Melody captivates and seizes attention through its electrifying performance and bold, rebellious songwriting.

This riveting tune is a preview of Subterranean Street Society’s forthcoming album, Bleep, slated for release on March 8th, 2024. Additionally, the band has charted a UK tour scheduled for May, promising more of their innovative and captivating live performances.

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Words Javier Rodriguez