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Sophie Penman – Life Is What You Make Of It

Prepared to be inspired by Sophie Penman’s folk track ‘Life is What You Make of it’. Sophie Penman - Life is What You Make of...

Sophie Penman never needs to ‘Try So Hard’

Sophie Penman ‘Try So Hard’ is perfect for that sweet spot in the night, when you’re relaxed enough to be feeling good, but not...

Sophie Penman Unleashes Sweet Melodies With New Jazz Single

Sweet Melodies indeed, artist and songwriter Sophie Penman releases new soulful jazz single. Sophie Penman - Sweet Melodies Tender and delightfully expressive, “Sweet Melodies” is the...

Episode 290 Lost On Radio Podcast

The Lost On Radio Podcast & Spotify Playlist champions incredible unsigned bands & independent artists overlooked by radio,...

The Takeover Festival Lineup Announcements

On May 8th, 9th and 10th we're inviting incredible artists to takeover the Right Chord Music Facebook Wall to play live for The Takeover...