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Sophie Penman – Life Is What You Make Of It

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Prepared to be inspired by Sophie Penman’s folk track ‘Life is What You Make of it’.

Sophie Penman – Life is What You Make of it

Delivering eloquent harmonies, meaningful lyrics and excellent musicianship, Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Sophie Penman is set to sparkle on the Scottish music scene. Her diverse musicianship varies from soulful flurries to stripped-back heartfelt melodies, and her new track ‘Life is what you make of it’ is a graceful and motivational folk track. 

‘Life is what you make of it’ is the first single to be featured on Sophie’s upcoming debut album titled ‘Written in the books’ and it undoubtedly leaves a moving impression. You can feel Sophie’s heart and soul pouring into this song, creating a raw yet gentle sound. 

The track starts off stripped back and is subtle in the way it gradually builds up momentum by introducing more instruments, beats, volume and vocals. This buildup never sounds out of place or jarring, it’s smooth, natural, and only enhances the motivational impression Sophie leaves you with. 

‘Life is what you make of it’ is a perfect track to inspire you or give you a boost if you’re feeling down.

Sophie’s vocals are melodic, letting her accent shine through which ties in beautifully with the folk sound of the song. The vocals and instruments come together harmonically and with elegance.

As ‘Life is what you make of it’ hits the chorus, you become embraced by the emotive and powerful lyrics that evoke self-reflection and uplift you. It is a very admirable thing to achieve so quickly.

The lyrics and melody create what can only be described as a soul-soothing feel. ‘Life is what you make of it’ is an incredibly grounded and inspiring track that makes you want to get up and do something you’re enthusiastic about. It is also easy to listen to with catchy and uplifting vocalisations from Sophie throughout its duration, it simply checks all the boxes!

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Words Holly Hammond