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Seeress Embrace ‘Empathy’ On New Single

Seeress Empathy on the Right Chord Music Blog

After barely pausing for breath after their last hit single, Cleveland’s own Seeress continues to captivate their expanding fanbase with their latest gem, Empathy.

Seeress – Empathy

With a solid track record already established, the Cleveland-based ensemble Seeress has been carving out a niche in the post-metal scene over recent years. They’ve shared the stage with notable acts such as Pallbearer, Intronaut, and Moon Tooth, while also garnering attention from respected blogs like Idioteq, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, and Right Chord Music.

In addition to their well-established musical prowess, Seeress boldly addresses pressing societal issues through their music. Their latest song, Empathy, is a prime example, confronting the nefarious powers that be and their disregard for the welfare of the common person. The track offers a scathing critique of those who prioritize profit over human lives, narrated from the perspective of these malevolent individuals.

With its profound subject matter, the melody intricately stitches together a spectrum of emotions, drawing from elements of Midwest emo, shoegaze, and dream pop. True to the essence of standout post-metal compositions, Empathy unfolds gradually, initiating with a melancholic chord progression and tender vocals that accentuate the depth of its message. As the track evolves, layers of distorted guitars and haunting backing vocals build, fostering a deeply poignant atmosphere.

“Empathy is a profound musical journey, offering lyrically compelling content paired with heartfelt instrumentation.”

Empathy marks the third single from Seeress’ eagerly anticipated album bearing the same title. Preceded by Fear and Holograms, these tracks offer a glimpse into the sonic landscape of the forthcoming record. It’s shaping up to be a must-listen for enthusiasts of these subgenres, promising an experience not to be overlooked.

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Words Javier Rodriguez