Mayfire Send Hooks Down The ‘Telephone’

Discover Mayfire’s moody, crashing rocker-in-love track ‘Telephone’

Mayfire – ‘Telephone’

In the age of modern love, it seems like everyone has had a long-distance relationship at some point in their lives. Whilst Facetime and Skyscanner can make things easier, the ache of missing your faraway lover is as old and prevalent as time. So here’s Mayfire’s take on it, the somewhat vintagely-titled ‘Telephone’.

Mayfire are a four-piece hailing from York, England. Having only started releasing in 2023, they’ve already gained fans, gig slots and festival appearances.

“Telephone is a moody, crunchy indie-rock track, with all the angsty feelings a long-distance love song requires.”

“It’s 4 in the morning, I swear you’ve got me falling into bad habits”, sing the confessional lyrics, painting a picture of loneliness. There are hints of frustration in the relationship as well, with lines like ‘I won’t change for you’, but the chorus reaffirms a desperate love that for now, must be delivered ‘down the telephone’. The melodies are well crafted with a chorus that would prove easy for singing along, and delivered with confident lead vocals.

The production displays a tight-knit group, with piercing guitars taking centre stage, alternately sharp and distorted. The chugging bass and crashing drums complete the outfit, with a half-time chorus and backing vocals being a nice touch. A little more variety and creativity would elevate the track, but it’s a solid and delightfully melancholy offering that is sure to display their talents well. Fans of acts like The Killers and Catfish & the Bottlemen will find something to enjoy here.

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Words Eden Tredwell