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Sammy Lynne Wants To Get Rid of His ‘Inhibitions’

Sammy Lynne - Inhibitions on Right Chord Music Blog

Manchester-based Sammy Lynne is a singer/ songwriter known for his intimate songwriting, tackling themes of mental health and toxic masculinity.

Sammy Lynne – Inhibitions

His new song, Inhibitions, goes deeper into these topics, wrapping this impactful message in a sublime baroque alt-pop odyssey.

Despite his status as an up-and-coming musician, Sammy Lynne counts on plenty of experience in the independent circuit as a former member of South London’s five-piece The Caress. In April 2021, he released his debut EP ‘Aimless 21st Birthday Balloon’ independently, balancing orchestral pop and British folk to great results.

Instead of taking the easy path and replicating the successful formula from that record, his follow-up track ‘Stay In Touch’ went in a different direction featuring retro pop, plus a drum machine and keys.

As a testament to his chameleonic reputation, his latest work, Inhibitions, is an upbeat indie pop gem rich in sentimentality that is more likely to captivate listeners from all over the globe.

Sammy’s ability to slowly create auditive anticipation throughout this piece is a talent that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Starting subtly with his graceful singing and gentle guitar strums, Inhibitions builds into an aural galore, where its piano, guitar, and drums blend extraordinarily and develop into an ecstatic eruption for your ears.

Lyrically, this melody sees Lynne struggling with the persistent cliches of toxic masculinity in a postmodern society, as well as the frustration that comes with battling his insecurities and anxieties.

“Inhibitions is a captivating track, beautifully penned and sincere to the core.”

This melody and his two previous singles ‘Cold Feet’ and ‘I’m Supposed To Do That’ (both of which received praise from Frankie Francis on Amazing Radio) will be part of Lynne’s upcoming EP ‘Man Or Mouse’ set for release on May 30th.

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Words Javier Rodriguez