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Sal Takes Comfort With ‘Red Wine’

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Born in County Kildare but living in Cork currently, Sara Ryan aka Sal is an Irish singer and composer capable of combining the sensitivity of Folk with a plethora of different elements, depicting beauty even in the simplest things with her sugar-coated voice and musical proficiency.

Sal – Red Wine

Since her debut in 2016 with the track Belle, Sal has been harvesting accolades, like being named New Artist Of The Year at the 2017 Irish Folk Awards. In 2019 she released her first EP, Glitter Skies, followed by her debut album, Breathe in November.

2021 was another remarkable year, bringing plenty of headline shows for Sal in her native Ireland, including a sold-out presentation supporting one of Ireland’s most beloved acts, The Stunning.

Her first three singles Bullet In The Heart, Everything, and Merry Go Round were received positively by radio and the media in Ireland, with Merry Go Round seizing over 13,000 streams on Spotify while also conquering the No.1 spot on the Irish iTunes charts.

Just like the drink it alludes to, Red Wine is the best company for a calm afternoon watching the sunset and forgetting about your problems, its soothing guitar strums and Sal’s delicately comforting voice gives the term “relaxing” a whole new meaning.

In Sal’s own words, this sweet melody was conceived at the depths of winter by candlelight, pretty much effortlessly while both writing it and recording it. The lyrics are about letting go and accepting a harsh truth, and longing for what it used to be.

“Red Wine is a lovely, endearing Folk tune, gorgeously produced and executed. “

With only four singles, Sal has established herself as a tour de force on Ireland’s independent scene, already starting to make noise in other places as well. With more things prepared this year, it will only be a matter of time before you hear the name Sal again very soon.

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