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Malik English Is Tired of Taking The High Road

Malik English High Road

Malik English returns with ‘High Road’ a smooth Hip-hop track, dripping with sentimentality and engaging wordplay.

Malik English – High Road

Malik English is a Trinidadian/Nigerian/Canadian artist and producer who despite his rich cultural background, has never settled on a specific style, with influences which vary from Kanye West to Paramore.

On top of that, Malik feels it’s his obligation to forbid any stereotypes or preconceptions about his looks to define what he should do as an artist, believing in the importance of staying true to himself.

In the span of just three years, Malik has performed In a plethora of venues and iconic places such as The Apollo, SXSW, SOBs, and a feature at Beyonce’s Black is King. He has also worked/collaborated/produced with artists of high calibre like Darrion Harris, Jean Dawson, Johnny Champagne, etc.

Composed of an almost hypnotic beat and guitar samples, High Road’s brilliant production gives Malik a wonderful canvas to display his emotionally soaked rhymes, working as a fresh take on modern Hip-hop.

As far as the meaning of the song goes, this composition is rooted in the idea of maintaining a positive attitude when the world tries to put you down, further elaborating on this, Malik says:

Things get to a point where trying to be the bigger person becomes toxic because you let anything slide. I felt like if I kept taking the high road I’d end up in the clouds. My music’s therapeutic for me, it helps me get things out I wouldn’t be comfortable saying otherwise.

Still, with a long career ahead for this young MC, his determination and undoubted passion for music makes him one of the most exciting prospects in the underground Hip-hop scene.

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