Sleep Walking Animals will entrance you with their folk infused eponymous EP

Charismatic five-piece, Sleep Walking Animals are here to remind us just how special the sounds of folk, indie and rock are, and their newly released 6-track EP exemplifies just that. As the project ebbs and flows, each song is uniquely constructed and beautifully delivered, as the band showcase their impressive harmonies, dreamy falsetto and lyrical expertise. As their croons layer on top of gentle strings and percussion, it is hard not to fall in love with their ethereal sonics. 

Sleep Walking Animals

Opening 2021 with a host of new singles, Sleep Walking Animals provided the perfect introduction to their now released EP which harbours a sense of unity and authenticity that is hard to come across. Creating the project over the span of two years, you can hear how each of the members has contributed their own unique talents to formulate something perfectly polished and alluring.

Describing the release as “an album about growth”, the quintet inspiringly lay bare their innermost thoughts and feelings, as their honest words run alongside an atmospheric and almost mythical undertone. 

Adding a spirited glimmer to the EP, ‘Taste Of It’, ‘Aengus’ Fool’, ‘Native Of The Northlands’ and ‘Dance Laura Dance’ see the influence of progressive rock come to the fore, as the band get experimental with their chord progressions and harmonic arrangements. 

Taking a more moody and otherworldly approach, ‘Wild Folk’ and ‘The Drone Interlude’ slow things down a bit, as ‘Wild Folk’ emits a lullaby-esque feel, contrasting the darker vibe conveyed in ‘The Drone Interlude’.

Showing some real variety as the EP progresses, Sleep Walking Animals have demonstrated that their one of a kind sound certainly isn’t one you forget easily. 

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Words Chloe Hadded