QUIETLOVE’s sweet EDM is ‘The Dream’

“I wish I was somewhere”, muses QUIETLOVE on his debut release, ‘The Dream’. It’s an apt emotional thesis for the strange, timeless purgatory our world has become in the pandemic. Days blur into each other, our social skills become dull, and even our dreams of escape have become a bit vague – we just wish we were somewhere. But don’t worry, the song is still feel good.

Despite this being his first release as QUIETLOVE, one shouldn’t mistake Brendan DiStefano for a newbie. With his first publishing deal at 17, this is an artist who has been grinding for a long time, continuing to grow into his identity.

‘The Dream’ is a highly accessible EDM-pop jam, with charmingly wistful lyrics, and a touch of anxiety.

‘Lately, I’ve been waking up as soon as the sun sets’, sings DiStefano with pure, pitch-perfect vocals and some sweet falsetto notes. The lyrics describing a restlessness, that indefinable longing for something more that we often find ourselves chasing in dreams.

With its swirling, scattering synths, and hard-hitting half time chorus, modern EDM artists such as The Chainsmokers and Lauv come to mind. DiStefano clearly has a strong melodic skill, with his crafted melodies and instantly hooky chorus. Despite the discomfort in the lyrics, there’s still a sense of wide-open spaces and uplifting vibes in this track. Anyone wanting a new feelgood track to go with the sunshine should keep an eye on QUIETLOVE, as well as his indie-pop trio Navigate the Sky.

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