Pinhdar Illuminates With A ‘Little Light’

The virtuoso trip-hop duo Pinhdar unveils a clever metaphor for empathy in their latest track, ‘Little Light’.

Pinhdar – Little Light

Originating from Italy, Pinhdar is the creative fusion of vocalist Cecilia Miradoli and guitarist/producer Max Tarenzi. Together, these talented musicians masterfully blend trip-hop, dark wave, and electronica, crafting an eclectic sound distinguished by its refined and meticulously crafted versatility.

In 2019, Pinhdar garnered widespread acclaim with their eponymous EP, earning significant airplay on esteemed radio stations like KEXP, courtesy of their single ‘Toy’. Following this success, the duo released their debut album, ‘Parallel’, in 2021, a collaborative effort with renowned producer Howie B.

As a prelude to their forthcoming LP, Pinhdar presents the second single from their upcoming work, ‘Little Light’. The track serves as a nuanced metaphor for relationships, portraying one individual’s sense of lostness, with the affection of the other serving as the guiding light and beacon of hope.

The intricate theme finds its perfect counterpart in the ambitious production, blending electronic beats seamlessly with sombre guitar melodies. This arrangement allows Cecilia’s voice to command attention, effortlessly transitioning from soothing melodies to spoken-word verses that accentuate the dreamlike atmosphere, enveloping listeners in a vast auditory expanse. Adding to the experience, Pinhdar accompanies the track with a mesmerizing music video featuring stunning choreography that enhances the profound allegorical narrative.

“Little Light offers a glimpse of radiant artistry, adorned with impeccable production and ingenious songwriting.”

Little Light is the second single from their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘A Sparkle On The Dark Water’, slated for release on March 22nd. Notably, the album is produced by the legendary Bruno Ellingham, celebrated for his collaborations with iconic acts like Portishead, Paul Oakenfold, and Massive Attack.

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Words Javier Rodriguez