Porcelain ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ Do you hear dark or light? 

Do you gravitate towards upbeat or downbeat music? Personally, I’ve always found beauty and inspiration in introspection. But even if you prefer your music to bring light, Porcelain ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ could still be your favourite new earworm.

Porcelain – Hold Me In The Dark

Year’s ago I lived with a housemate who complained every time I played Radiohead. “It’s so depressing” he proclaimed. This always felt an incredibly lazy label to me. When I listened to Radiohead, I heard passion, emotion and depth. Radiohead’s music put a spring in my step, it unlocked my mind and fuelled my creativity.

Conversely, I shuddered every time I sat in his car and had to endure the overproduced, shallow Pop which he claimed to make him happy. It just goes to show how subjective enjoyment of music is, and the different role we need it to play in our lives.

Enter Porcelain and the new single ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ a song that seems to divide opinion. Some listeners love it for its beautiful light, while others like me are consumed by its magnetic, introspective darkness.

When I listen to ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ I hear a hazy description of an illicit love affair laced with betrayal and obsession. This tortured scene romanticizes unrequited love and the longing to escape reality through an embrace. When those mournful strings rush is my heart literally skips a beat. The slick gothic stylings of the accompanying video only further my case for darkness. 

‘Hold Me In The Dark’ seems to riff on Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow self which suggests “I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole”. Oh yes, that’s definitely what I want from my music. Porcelain – you complete me!

I Hear Light!

Meanwhile, other listeners gain a totally different pleasure from this track. To them ‘Hold Me In The Dark’ is a serenely beautiful midnight dance, in the arms of the one you love, while long velvet drapes blow and candles flicker in a balmy summer breeze!

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Hold Me In The Dark has already garnered significant support from BBC Introducing South. It’s amazing to see their Twitter feed light up every time it’s played. Porcelain’s music moves people, there can be no greater compliment.

Porcelain focus on music over image

Regular readers of the RCM blog will know how much we love this mysterious, musical collective. While others yin, they yang and we respect that. Porcelain’s deliberate plan to stay anonymous deliberately flies in the face of selfie culture and self-promotion and is designed to channel focus attention on their music and their message.

The previous single ‘Hollow’ is a great example of this focused purpose. The single was released just before Christmas to help raise awareness of the work done by missingpeople.org.uk. Did you know that someone is reported missing in the UK every 90 seconds?! 

Their debut EP named simply Part One was released on August 14th and caught the attention of rock royalty Mick Fleetwood who described Porcelain’s music as ‘Soul music from out of space’ and pledged his support in a video testimony shared with the band and on his own social media.  Despite only launching last August, Porcelain has amassed over 100k streams, +2k followers, and featured on over 2k playlists. 

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Words Mark Knight