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Peacock Method Don’t Want To Be Alone On ‘I Provide’

Peacock Method I Provide on Right Chord Music

Peacock Method deliver an effortless, retro indie track.

Peacock Method – I Provide

Do you ever long for the days of The Cure, The Smiths, REM? There’s a specific type of melancholy yet upbeat indie sound that has never gone out of fashion with a particular audience. Well, look no further for your latest fix, as Peacock Method are paying full tribute to that sound with their new release, appropriately titled ‘I Provide’. 

Peacock Method are a four-piece hailing from Manchester. Having begun releasing in 2021, they’ve been enjoying building a following and watching their streaming numbers rise.

‘I Provide’ is a melodic guitar-led indie tune, touching on love and insecurity yet still going down easy.

‘In my mind, I’m still yours’, sing the confessional lyrics with their husky yet accessible lead vocals. The melodies have plenty of ease to them as the lyrics express admiration for a lover – ‘she’s super, she’s a trouper’ – combined with seeming confusion at their situation – ‘I don’t know what else to suggest’. Yet the chorus concedes to some tenderness and insecurity – ‘I can’t disguise the feelings that I provide…I don’t wanna be here on my own.’

The production centres around jangling guitars, bringing to mind all of those aforementioned beloved indie bands of the 80s. There are some characterful guitar lines, playful bass, and beats that encourage, if not full-blown dancing, then definitely some kind of sway or shuffle. Effects give the vocals faraway or distorted feelings at times, but it works for the track and is supported by some nice harmonies. Fans of the style will love it, and even if it’s not your thing, this track won’t be any hardship to listen to.

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Words Eden Tredwell