Pauline Andrès Turns Up The Revs On ‘Speed Racer’

We first featured Pauline Andrès on RCM back in 2014, back then this self-styled ‘Darkest Darlin’ won our hearts with the honesty and heartbreak that drenched her trademark gravely vocals. Now she returns with a fresh but equally intoxicating sound

Pauline Andrès – Speed Racer

Speed Racer is a deliberate attempt to soundtrack the thrill of a nighttime city drive and Pauline Andrès has nailed it.

Recorded exclusively at night in Nashville, TN, like its official video, Speed Racer is a sexy retro pop anthem packed with lush synths, slightly suggestive and entirely light-hearted lyrics and a bass line that will make you want to start up your car every time.

Pauline Andrès turned pop producer and sound engineer recently decided to shift gears and focus on her other favourite genre: electro-pop. A logical step considering her Eastern European blood and youth spent in France. Add a few years living in Berlin for extra inspired beats and you’ll get the recipe for her euro-infused sound inspired by wide American skylines.

After the fierce Til the End of the World and chill experimental Medicine Woman, Speed Racer is the third single featuring bop worthy basslines and synth layers you could literally swim through. Her signature smoky vocals set the track apart while the structure gently but surely rebels against pop and synth-wave templates.

About the production choices behind Speed Racer, Andres says: “I let the intro roll a measure more than your usual EDM template, I put my bridge before the second chorus, I kept those lines that made everything work together. Because that’s what’s allowing the song to be its true self. I wanted to give it space…I didn’t make this song for any algorithm or radio. I made it for grown-ups driving at night and needing the perfect soundtrack for their ride. I think that turned out pretty good.”

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Words Mark Knight